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7th Asian IAESTE Forum at Pakmeng Resort, Trang
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IAESTE Thailand office's telephone number is changed to
Direct line and fax: + 66 (0) 2 555 2177

   The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience was founded in 1948 at Imperial College, London.
   Imperial College Vacation Work Committee headed by Mr. James Newby initiated a meeting with national organisations from 10 European countries in a post war effort to promote better understanding between countries and cultures.
   Since 1948, the association has grown to include more than 93 countries world-wide and has exchanged in excess of 300,000 students. This means that yearly IAESTE exchanges around 6000 students playing a key role in the development of technical undergraduates able to make their mark in a global economy.
Aims of IAESTE

   To provide students in higher education with technical experience relevant to their studies;
   To offer employers well-qualified and motivated trainees;
   To be a source of cultural enrichment for trainees and their host communities.
Mission of IAESTE

   To operate a high quality practical training exchange programme between members in order to enhance technical and professional development and to promote international understanding and goodwill amongst students, academic institutions, employers and the wider community.
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